“Frogs” by Nic Bishop



Title: “Frogs”

Author: Nic Bishop

Publisher: Scholastic

Copyright: 2008

Interest/Grade Leve Equivalent: 3/5.7 (scholastic)

Summary–This book provides interesting facts about frogs and their habitats. Each page depicts a different type of frog and has an interesting fact about that particular frog. Bishop’s pictures go along with the descriptions, as well. Towards the end, Bishop begins to talk about mothers and their babies, eventually leading into a page about tadpoles–the beginning of a frog’s life. A summary about himself and his hobbies is also located at the back of the book. “Frogs” contains a glossary and index.

Teaching Opportunities–

1) For older readers, have each child pick a frog from the book. They can draw a picture and write down one interesting fact they learned about that particular frog or frogs in general.

2) Have the children make frogs to put up all over the classroom. Have a “frog week” and discuss new facts about them. Add decorations to the walls to show what kind of habitat they need (ex: trees, water, etc)

3) If possible, introduce a tadpole into the classroom. Talk about the transformation of a tadpole to a frog. Document it with the class and make weekly observations.


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